about PPC Inc

Puff club, puff, cannabis, mobile app, cannabis puff, rating cannabis.

All New Way to Connect With Near & Far

A community based cannabis application. With a simple yet, advanced rating system. With ability to check into places through foursquare map integration, consumers will use the phone application to help locate their desired cannabis. - later development will allow for clubs and dispensaries to show their menu. The Puff app is your tool to unlock a community based cannabis rating system. With a simple to use, yet, comprehensive scoring system. The community will use the appliance to assist in finding their desired cannabis to suit their specific wants, effects, and ratings. Users will be able to add info to every particular cannabis strain(s) products profile. Users will have the flexibility to see venues through foursquare map integration and earn points towards future purchases. These collaborating dispensaries will use the "pre-made" strain profiles to show their inventory and menus to the community or add utterly new strains, as well other cannabis related products, including CBD. Strain profiles can offer an array of data from smell to effects, to assist those in need.

Puff club, puff, cannabis, mobile app, cannabis app, rating cannabis

New school, New tools

To bring a social community aspect with the ability to comment and rate different strains and concentrates. Educational in following way(s), each strain having a brief history, characteristics, ideal smoking time etc. Also allowing our users to add their own input and ideals to each type of cannabis, while monitoring the selling of illegal cannabis.

Puff club, puff, cannabis, mobile app, cannabis app

Mission and Goals

  1. Connect cannabis users testimony and use the  average rating of strain type, dispensary, farm to create the median star rating.
  2. Users can make their own profile with pictures, videos, location, usernames.
  3. Only allow “friends” to comment on each others post.
  4. Tag specified location cannabis was purchased.
  5. Provide in depth information and or history of the cannabis product.
  6. Allow how the cannabis was administered (pipe, skin, blunt, etc.)
  7. Provide approximate THC,CBD,CBN content
  8. Check-ins earn points towards future purchases at participating location.
  9. Welcoming of companies to partner and share/show contents
  10. Trending products, strains, dispensaries, and farms  
  11. Global feed/Local feed/Friend feed
  12. New Product  feed
  13. Stores and mobile locations will be able to use the app as an inventory and pricing menu.
  14. Flavor and smell profiles
  15. Effects section